Hi, my name is Samantha Simonds, and I am a professional Web Developer based in southern New Jersey. I have many years of programming and web-related experience under my belt, and I love building beautiful and responsive websites!

I specialize in creating custom WordPress sites, but also create sites with Angular2+ and Laravel. I am the co-owner of the Web Development company Drakka Dev.


I am a highly organized and motivated individual that aims to complete tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. I maintain high moral standards (I like to sleep at night! ) I believe in following through with any promises I keep to the best of my abilities, being honest, and treating others with kindness and respect.

Below are some of the languages, frameworks, and practices I am most comfortable with, but are by no means an exhaustive list. I constantly work on expanding my skill-set.







Responsive Web Design



Object-Oriented Design


I completed my Associate's at Camden County College, and went on to get my Bachelor's in Computer Science at Rowan University.

You can find me regularly attending brick-and-mortar tech meetups and training events.

I also subscribe to multiple sites that offer online programming courses, to deepen my understanding of languages, and stay on top of best practices.

Get in Touch!

Interested in having a custom site built? Want to collaborate? Or just want to share cute pictures of animals?

Reach out with the form below, or contact me via Twitter: @Samanthacodes